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    Cenex Zip Trip Rewards

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    IT'S THE FASTEST WAY TO EARN REWARDS ON EVERY PURCHASE YOU MAKE! Zip Trip Rewards is a loyalty program designed for loyal customers like you. Now every single purchase you make at our stores will earn you points that can be traded in for great rewards like food, beverages, car washes, discounted fuel and much more.

    A SWIPE OF A CARD IS ALL IT TAKES! You will receive one (1) point for every dollar you spend inside our store and (1) point for every gallon of fuel you purchase. With a swipe of your Zip Trip rewards card, the points will be automatically added to your account. Simply accumulate these points and trade them in for free merchandise or discounted fuel. It’s just that easy!

    MORE REWARDS, MORE WAYS! As a Zip Trip Rewards cardholder, you will also be eligible to save money on daily, weekly or monthly specials throughout the store. So not only will you earn points for free merchandise and discounted fuel, you’ll also be able to save money on other products as well.

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